The version number in the right margin still says 1.47 and the red BETA is still there, but -- when you go to you now get Fargo 2. Fargo 1 is archived, hopefully it will remain runnable for a long time to come. But the future is here, now -- we're all running Fargo 2.

Because it's a beta, keep an eye out for problems, and if possible back up your outlines outside of your Dropbox folder periodically to be sure you don't lose any data.

The big new feature in Fargo 2 is the CMS that's baked into the app.

There's also a companion server app called Fargo Publisher, that runs in node.js. It's open source. You can run it for yourself and for other users, and are encouraged to do so. It's still a bit unpolished and in development, but if you're an adventurous technical sort, it should be an interesting project. I know I'm finding it very interesting running my server.

I'm going to spend a couple of days reviewing the docs, making changes as needed to reflect the new status of Fargo 2. If you spot anything, just add a comment under the article.

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