Stephen Pond reported a problem with links in the crumb trail of his blog.

There really are two problems here, one with Fargo CMS and one with Fargo Publisher.

This evening I fixed the problem in Publisher.

When you go to this address: it would fail, because there isn't an object named 03 at that path. But servers should be a little more forgiving, and see if it's possible to interpret 03 as a folder. The rule is this: if it contains a file named index.html, we serve that file. That's what the author intended us to do.

Fargo CMS should generate a / at the end of the URL, then the server-side workaround wouldn't be necessary. But it's a good thing for the server to do anyway.

I updated the GitHub repository and added a worknote.

03/12/14; 09:47:28 PM

I just updated the new default versions of the outline, bloghome and medium templates in the global prefs file. To get the latest version of this file, reload the Fargo app.

Also updated the templates in the GitHub repository.

03/12/14; 02:42:01 PM

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By Dave Winer, Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at 2:42 PM.