This evening I flipped the switch, and now Scripting News has been transformed into a new kind of blog -- something I call a noteblog.

The site is edited with Fargo, of course.

There's a new template, called "stream" -- and a new nodetype -- "idea."

You will be able to create and edit sites like this, once the new version of Fargo is released.

Example page

Here's an example of a day page, today's page.

Release in stages

We'll do the release in stages, as was done with Fargo 2.

First I'll post a pointer to the Fargo 2 list. Adventurous people will be able to try it out. Report problems -- and there will be problems, that's for sure.

There's also some new art in feeds that's been necessary. I've been discussing it on Scripting News. The changes will cause problems with feed readers. But it will also enable new kinds of feed readers. This is important for the future.

There's also a new bookmarklet, that once installed and set up, makes it easy to shoot a link to into a designated Fargo outline. I'm using it now, and it works like a dream.

Important point

You do not have to use these features!

If you're happy with the way Fargo works, then I'm happy too.

Sometimes people think change will break things, but I try really hard not to do that. I'm a user too, and I really hate breakage.

I'm trying to think but nothing happens!

03/15/14; 09:46:29 PM

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