Fargo 1.52

All the changes in 1.52 are in the stream template, and a little addition to Fargo's CMS to support the new stuff. And all the changes are fairly technical.


Maps are the big 1.52 feature. Here's a narrative.

You can use maps in the backgrounds for days by attaching attributes to the headline for the day. This feature will get separate documentation.

How to install

Reload http://fargo.io/ and verify the version under the dinosaur is 1.52.

What's changed in the stream template

New fonts. Ubuntu and Vollkorn. Per the recommendation on this page. Ubuntu is an old favorite

Thanks for Ken Smith's suggestion to include the italic and bold versions where available.

Fixed a bug where if you went to a permalink without subs (example), it would flip the wedges on all items that did have subs. A jQuery newbie mistake.

The title of each page now has the site name in square brackets. The home page is given the name "home," it would otherwise be the empty string.

Updated the fargoTemplates repository on GitHub.

What's new in the CMS

There's now a connection between the attributes on the day page in the outline and the <div> representing the day in the rendered HTML. This is how the data is transmitted from Fargo to the page for the new map feature.

For example -- here's the attributes on the main headline for yesterday's Scripting News. You can see it completely specifies the map that's displayed behind the day's content on the site.

To see how that's reflected in the HTML data structure you can open it in a debugger, or peruse this screen shot. The correlation is pretty clear. All the unusual attributes are present. We don't bother with the atts that every headline in Fargo has -- created, name and text. Anything the user has added, however, is transmitted, and of course available to the JavaScript code running in the page. This is how we make the linkup with Google Maps as the page is loading.

It took a while to figure out how to do this mapping, but this is exactly why the data-xxx feature is in HTML, what's interesting is how nicely it maps onto the structures we're already maintaining in the CMS. The worlds match up nicely.

Last built: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 6:47 AM

By Dave Winer, Monday, March 24, 2014 at 12:58 PM. All baking done on premises.