Fargo Publisher 0.95

New in this release is the ability to write your own request handlers in JavaScript.

I added this feature because I wanted to try writing my own handlers without having to update Fargo Publisher.

How it works

If a request comes in that doesn't match any of the built-in functions, we check the scripts sub-folder of the data folder. If an item matches, we eval it and return the result.

How matching works: If the request is for /xyz then we look for xyz.js.

We convert the request to lowercase, so that requests are case-insensitive, however the files in the folder must have all lowercase names.

Error handling

If we don't find it, we return 404. If there's a script error we return a 503.


If the script is in count.js and the server is running at pub.fargo.io, you'd access it through this URL: http://pub.fargo.io/count. You can try it, click the link. Reload the page. Every time you load it, the count should increment.

A picture named script.gif

globals is a global object that you can hang persistent values on. They persist for the life of the server, when it's rebooted it's reset. You can think of it as a scratchpad.

Read the source

Here's the source for the server. To find the part that implements this, search for 404. We look in the scripts folder before calling it a Not Found error.

Blog post

I wrote a bit about this on Scripting News.

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