Yellow was too bright

A few notes about

I thought yellow was too bright a color for highlights, so I changed it to gold, by adding this directive at the top level of my site outline:

A picture named highlightColor.gif

You can use any of the pre-defined web colors, or any value that can be used as a color in a web page.

Bold-face sub-heads

I wanted the headlines with subs to be bold and in a nice serif font. So I added a #style directive.

A picture named styleDirective.gif

You can see how I made these changes by opening the outline I use to edit the noteblog.

My feed changed

I changed the main feed for to the one of my noteblog. This means that people who subscribe to my site in a feed reader will now get title-less items and titled items.

This is good news for other people who use Fargo, because any site that handles my feed well, will also do well with yours. It also means other blogging tools can allow users to enter title-less items, which is good if you think Twitter could use a little competition, as I do. I think this will be important for news organizations as well.

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By Dave Winer, Sunday, May 4, 2014 at 11:19 PM.