There's one major feature in this release, the ability to render tweets.

A tweet is a headline whose type is tweet. They can appear in any kind of page, of any type.

They will be rendered correctly in pages of the following types: outline, html, stream, presentation, markdown, bloghome.

This is the Fargo side of the connection with "Happy Friends".

There is a blog post on the Happy Friends site that explains the hookup from that side.

How to use a Happy Friends outline in Fargo


  1. Get the outline from Happy Friends.

  2. Choose Open by URL in the File menu. Enter the outline from step 1.

  3. That gets you an outline with tweets in Fargo.

  4. Copy and paste those into your outlines in Fargo, and render as normal.

The tweets should show up in your pages as they do in mine.

For a more detailed narrative, with an example, see this post on yesterday's Scripting News.

06/27/14; 09:28:21 AM

Fixed a problem where the CMS would think it was seeing emojis in the part of the stream template responsible for phone and tablet-size screens.

Thanks to Jason Cobb for spotting the problem.

You should rebuild any pages that rely on the stream template.

Be sure to reload the "Fargo" app before doing so. :cop:

06/05/14; 04:45:21 PM

A new release of Fargo today with one small feature, Emojis.

A good friend showed them to me, a few weeks ago on a trip to San Francisco. I was immediately won over. Charmed by them. It's a new fun language.

Colorful and cute and somewhat irreverent.


The best part is that there's a syntax for Emojis in text-based apps like Fargo.

For example, :baseball: gets you the Emoji for :baseball:

There's a list of all the codes on the Emoji Cheat Sheet.

As you can see this syntax is already supported by lots of famous apps including Campfire and GitHub. Add "Fargo" to the list.

Turning it off and on

The new Emoji feature is on by default, you can turn it off with a # attribute:

#flEmojify "false"

Thanks to

We're using the Emojify toolkit. It went in real easy. Thank you.

06/04/14; 07:40:18 AM

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By Dave Winer, Wednesday, June 4, 2014 at 7:40 AM.