Saturday, January 4, 2014 at 6:09 PM

Put menus in #menus

A lot of websites have menus at the top of the page with links to other pages and other sites. Fargo makes it easy to create and update menus, and share them among different pages.

To use the feature create a #menus headline at the top level of your outline.

One level under that enter the name of a menu. One level under that, provide the text you want to appear in the sitename section of the menu, and beneath that a series of link nodes. These are the items that will appear in your menu.

Here's a screen shot of the menus table in the example.

When you want to associate a menu with a page or a group of pages, set the menuName attribute to the name of the menu you want to use.

There must be a <%menu%> macro in the template that the page is rendered with.

An example is here.

The menus we generate are compatible with the Bootstrap Toolkit navbar structure.

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