Wednesday, May 22, 2013 at 10:45 AM

Named outlines

Any of your outlines can have a name. The name is shorter and easier to remember than the URL assigned to it by Dropbox.

You can name any outline anything you want, as long as:

  • It hasn't already been named.

  • The name you want to use is available.

  • The name is 4 characters or more.

  • It contains only alphabetic and numeric characters, or hyphens.

To give an outline a name, click on its tab and choose Name outline in the File menu. A dialog appears. Screen shot. Enter a name. As you're typing, you're given an indication whether the name is available. When you're ready click OK. Be sure this is the name you want to use because it can't be changed or deleted.

Right now there is no charge to create a name because these are early days, and you're helping us debug an important feature.

You can name any outline, but only one outline is you. To say which one that is, choose Settings from the system menu (upper-right corner of the window). In the first panel, named You, there's a place to enter your Profile URL. Screen shot. This should be the address of your outline.

If your name is "mitch" then your profile URL is:

Note: This command is disabled as we transition to a new content management system.

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