Wednesday, May 1, 2013 at 12:53 PM

Using Fargo with WordPress

Starting with version 0.54, there is a connection between Fargo and WordPress.

With this connection you can create new posts and edit them -- organizing your work in Fargo's outliner.

You can also use the outline structure to format your blog posts. If you have the ability to edit CSS in your WordPress blog, you can style the text according to level.

To set up the connection, choose Settings from the System menu in the upper right corner of the Fargo screen. Click on the Blog panel. Check the box to enable the connection. Enter the URL of your blog, your username and password. This information passes through our server but is not recorded.

Screen shot of the Blog settings panel.

To create a WordPress post, create a new headline, anywhere, and enter the title of your post. Underneath it, add the text of the post. Place the cursor on the title, and click the WordPress icon in the left sidebar. A dialog appears confirming that you want to post it to your WordPress blog. Click OK. Wait a few seconds. You should hear a beep. If you visit your blog you should see a new post.

To edit the post, change the text or the title and click the WordPress icon again. You should hear a beep when it's saved. You can repeat this as many times as you like.

If you don't see the WordPress icon that means that the prefs aren't set up correctly. Try doing it again.

If you don't hear a beep that means something went wrong on the server. Try again. If after a few times you don't hear the beep or you don't see the updated text on your blog, post an item to the mail list. Include the URL to your blog and an idea of what happened.

This feature is limited to a single WordPress blog for a single user.

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