When you click on one of the # links on a stream page, it takes you to that section of the archive page for the day, with the item whose # you clicked on highlighted.

Now it also sets the title of the page with the text of the item.

So if you click on today's News startups nothing special, if you look at the title of the page, it should read Scripting News: [News startups nothing special].

If you use a linkblogging tool to point to this, it will automatically be populated with the correct text for pointing to the article. We even add the square brackets so it will be correctly linked if the linkblogging tool is Fargo.

I love to sharpen the edges products to this level of detail. It takes time to figure out where they need adjusting, but we've already been using the stream type for a couple of months.

05/11/14; 07:38:12 PM

Sometimes when I use a background image on Scripting News, I want the frame of the text to pick up a color element of the image. I just wanted to set the color of the frame.

This could be done with a custom #style directive, but this comes up so often, I wanted a shortcut for it, so I added one.

Now you can set #streamTextFrameColor to the color you want to use.

I do it in today's Scripting News, if you want an example. The color is set to gold.

I also took this opportunity to update the GitHub repository for Fargo templates.

05/11/14; 02:24:46 PM

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By Dave Winer, Sunday, May 11, 2014 at 2:24 PM.