Your first post


  • A video demo that shows how to write a blog post.

  • The steps in the demo are summarized in the following sections.

  • The video has saved some people quite a bit of time.

Create a named outline

  • To create a blog post so others can view it, you must have a public place to put it. In Fargo, these public places are called named outlines.

  • Choose the New command from the File menu.

  • Enter a title, something like My Public Outline. Click OK.

  • Enter a little bit of text in the first headline, and click the Save button in the right margin if you don't have autosave turned on.

  • Choose Name Outline from the File menu. Your name must be at least 4 characters long, and be unique. You'll get feedback from Fargo as you enter the name. Click OK when you're ready. A dialog will appear to confirm that the name has been assigned to your outline.

  • The name that's assigned will be on, something like That domain will redirect to another location where your blog is stored.

  • There's a full explanation of named outlines in the Fargo section of the docs site.

Write a blog post

  • Click on the big plus sign at the top of the left margin. Enter the title of your post, something like Welcome to my blog!

  • Indent by pressing the tab key, and enter the body text of your post.

  • Put the cursor on the top headline, click the Eye icon in the left margin.

  • Here's a screen shot that illustrates. The red arrows point to the + icon and the Eye icon.

  • When you click the Eye, a new tab should open in your browser, and with any luck you'll see your post.

  • Copy the URL from the title bar of the browser and send it to your friends.

  • When you make changes to the post they are automatically saved and stored on the server.

  • Write more posts in exactly this way.

  • That's all there is!

The html folder

  • After Fargo builds each page, it stores a copy of the HTML text in a sub-folder of the html folder in your Small Picture app folder in Dropbox.

  • Here's a screen shot of the folder after writing the first post in the example above.

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