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Setting up a Fargo noteblog

Here's a set of step-by-step instructions for setting up a Fargo noteblog.

  1. Create a new file, say My Noteblog.

  2. The filename for the outline will be myNoteblog.opml. You might want to verify this in Dropbox. You'll need the name of the file in the next step.

  3. In the System menu (at the right end of the menubar in Fargo) choose Settings. Click on the Links tab. Enter the name of the file from step 2. Screen shot.

  4. Install the bookmarklet, per the instructions on this page.

  5. Test it by adding a link to the instructions page using the bookmarklet. (Or any other page you want.).

  6. If it worked, you'll see something like this. The date will be different of course.

  7. If you don't want to publish the outline, if the links are just for you, you're done. If you want to publish it, follow the instructions in the next section.

Publishing the linkblog

  1. Give the outline a name. Choose Name outline in the File menu.

  2. Add a #type directive at the top level of the outline, with the value "stream". Screen shot.

  3. Choose Render All Pages in the File menu. This will cause the site to be built as a noteblog site.

  4. Click the Home icon in the left margin to view the home page of your linkblog site.

Adding items without the bookmarklet

You can add new items without using the bookmarklet.

  1. Click on the tab containing your linkblog outline.

  2. Choose Outline Settings in the File menu.

  3. Click on the Overrides panel.

  4. Enter idea in the text entry box and click OK. Screen shot.

To enter a new idea into your noteblog, click the + icon in the left margin, exactly as you would to create a new blog post. Your item will have a light bulb as its icon. Enter your idea. You can add a whole outline structure beneath it and Fargo will automatically generate that structure in your noteblog.


My weblog Scripting News is a noteblog site.

The OPML file is here.

Have a look at the note page for March 15. It's got all the basic elements.


  1. By default, Fargo will link up the whole text of the headline when rendering a linkblog item. You can override this by including text inside [square brackets]. If you use them, only that text will be linked. Here's a screen shot that shows what that looks like in practice.

  2. It's better not to put links in headlines with subs. It makes clicking on the headline have two meanings, and this can be confusing. If I find I want to add notes under something that's already linked, I add a new headline, and moved headline with the link under it.

  3. If you want something to be in the feed, you have to use the + icon to create it. Some people are apparently creating new items by pressing Return. I do it myself, without thinking. Those items will not be in the feed.

  4. We use the terms linkblog and noteblog almost interchangeably, but they are different ideas. You can use this style of blog for notetaking, to narrate your work for others to see. In that case it's not about linking. A linkblog entry is something you want to remember or share with users. Typically we use a bookmarklet to post items to a linkblog, but not with a noteblog. Sorry for the confusion, but they are two similar but different applications that are totally compatible (meaning one site can be both a linkblog and a noteblog).

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