I have commands in the Links menu on Scripting News that turn images on and off.

You may want to add these commands to the menu of your website, so users can have the option to have images on. It's also useful for debugging.

Here's an OPML file with the two commands. Open the file in Fargo, copy the commands and paste them into the menu you want to add them to.

05/20/14; 02:12:54 PM

Stream 2

With this release there's a second version of the stream template, and the CMS generates a slightly different structure for streams. The JavaScript code in the stream template has been changed accordingly.

A quieter stream

I did an experiment over the weekend, adding a command to Scripting News that turned off background images. I tried it, and immediately wanted to keep them off. The text is much easier to read. And that matters a lot. I wanted to get some experience with images in the background, and I did get that experience. It'll show up again in another context. And you can still have the images now, if you want them. So that's good. Nothing went away, the defaults changed.


Scripting News is the demo.

If you want the old version

Add #streamVersion "1" in your cmsPrefs.opml file. You should get the same behavior as before v1.59.

If you want the new version, you shouldn't have to do a thing.

A list of changes

Here's a list of technical changes that were made. If you don't care you can skip this part.

We don't generate the .divStreamTopSpacer element.

Copied fonts into fargo.io/code. Faster loading, not relying on Google servers, avoid possible breakage issue.

Section heads are bold, Ubuntu.

Increase density of foreground text. It's opacity goes from .9 to .98. Also background color changes from white to whitesmoke. Border color goes a little darker to gainsboro.

divStreamDay needs styles for background image

  • added these styles:

    • -webkit-background-size: cover;

    • -moz-background-size: cover;

    • -o-background-size: cover;

    • background-size: cover;

    • background-position: center;

    • background-repeat: no-repeat;

divStreamDayImage goes away

  • in first version, if there was a backgroundImage att on the day, we'd generate a divStreamDayImage element with the background image as its background.

  • in the new version, we don't do this. the backgroundImage data is on the day div, and we can add the image at render-time

05/20/14; 12:20:24 PM

One small fix in this release

There's just one very small change in this release, that may fix a problem people are having with dates in noteblog-style blogs. I don't have a set of steps to create the problem on my system, that's why I'm not sure if this is the fix or not, but I did find a problem.

Use the big gray plus icon to create posts

One thing that was clear from reviewing the CMS code, you won't get good results with stream types if you make the calendar entries by hand.

You should use the big gray plus icon at the top of the icon bar at the left of the window to create new blog entries. It automatically sets the attributes up the way the CMS is expecting them.

If you don't use the plus to create blog entries, you may see problems with dates. This may have been responsible for some of the problems we've been seeing.

05/15/14; 05:23:47 PM

The last release of Little Outliner was in April 2013. After so much time, it had become dated, in need of a refresh. That's the point of this release, version 1.40.


Here's a brief explanation for newbies.


  1. The Outliner menu above the outline display has been replaced with the menubar we use in Fargo.

  2. In addition to the Outliner menu, there's now a Reorg menu and a Docs menu.

  3. The Arrow Pad from Fargo has been added. The command to activate it is in the Reorg menu.

  4. The clock was removed.

  5. The explanatory text at the bottom of the page was removed, and replaced with a What is this? link that takes you to a full page description of Little Outliner.

  6. The copyright notice was updated.


Here's a screen shot of the previous version, and the updated screen shot.

The previous version of Little Outliner has been archived here.

The last build of Little Outliner before this release was on 4/16/13 at 1:56:03 PM.

05/13/14; 11:01:11 AM

Yes, Fargo was on NPR this morning, in a story about a new site called Glass that's edited, and presented, as a Fargo outline.

I've linked to the new site and the NPR report on today's Scripting News.

It's very exciting. Lots of new users today, and I'm hearing from all kinds of old friends who didn't know about Fargo.

The people at Quartz who are doing this site are incredible, innovators, brilliant, and hard-working. We had a lot of fun with this project but I didn't really have to do anything but answer questions, Fargo really works.

05/12/14; 09:25:07 AM

When you click on one of the # links on a stream page, it takes you to that section of the archive page for the day, with the item whose # you clicked on highlighted.

Now it also sets the title of the page with the text of the item.

So if you click on today's News startups nothing special, if you look at the title of the page, it should read Scripting News: [News startups nothing special].

If you use a linkblogging tool to point to this, it will automatically be populated with the correct text for pointing to the article. We even add the square brackets so it will be correctly linked if the linkblogging tool is Fargo.

I love to sharpen the edges products to this level of detail. It takes time to figure out where they need adjusting, but we've already been using the stream type for a couple of months.

05/11/14; 07:38:12 PM

Sometimes when I use a background image on Scripting News, I want the frame of the text to pick up a color element of the image. I just wanted to set the color of the frame.

This could be done with a custom #style directive, but this comes up so often, I wanted a shortcut for it, so I added one.

Now you can set #streamTextFrameColor to the color you want to use.

I do it in today's Scripting News, if you want an example. The color is set to gold.

I also took this opportunity to update the GitHub repository for Fargo templates.

05/11/14; 02:24:46 PM

It's great to see people starting to use Fargo in education!



05/10/14; 05:42:48 PM

If you think Fargo isn't behaving correctly, it's often a good idea to try reloading the app.

When reporting a problem, be sure to tell people what version you're using. It's possible the problem was fixed in a release that you haven't installed yet.

To install a new version of the app, just reload Fargo.

05/08/14; 06:37:29 PM

Yellow was too bright

A few notes about scripting.com.

I thought yellow was too bright a color for highlights, so I changed it to gold, by adding this directive at the top level of my site outline:

A picture named highlightColor.gif

You can use any of the pre-defined web colors, or any value that can be used as a color in a web page.

Bold-face sub-heads

I wanted the headlines with subs to be bold and in a nice serif font. So I added a #style directive.

A picture named styleDirective.gif

You can see how I made these changes by opening the outline I use to edit the noteblog.

My feed changed

I changed the main feed for scripting.com to the one of my noteblog. This means that people who subscribe to my site in a feed reader will now get title-less items and titled items.

This is good news for other people who use Fargo, because any site that handles my feed well, will also do well with yours. It also means other blogging tools can allow users to enter title-less items, which is good if you think Twitter could use a little competition, as I do. I think this will be important for news organizations as well.

05/04/14; 11:19:28 PM

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